off now

And so it seems that i am losing all faith in people. it seems that the world is even more shallow than i ever thought, and now as i seem to see more i become more consumed in my own head and i cant even explain how i feel at all, its annoying because  i can feel myself slipping and slipping and i need to stop myself somehow, however on to other things today is the 21st and the world didnt end at least not yet, so i guess there is hope that i can have a do over next semester, 

i also need like a reality check, to appreciate what i do have and stop wanting what i dont have, makes me sad somehow to think of it you know because thats all i seem to see. 

my mind keeps wondering off as im writing this post so im going to end it now, hopefully the next time i write on this im not as sad you know, and about the guy in my last post, still nothing unfortunately 😦 sucks! but then what should i expect anyways ? 

off now 


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